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It may be a memorable section of your favourite stream (top, left). Or it could be something a little unusual, such as an incident that happened during a fishing trip (top, right). Perhaps it’s just a section of landscape you particularly like or a close-up of water, a trout still life or campfire scene. Think outside the square.

If you have a photo you think would make a great painting, then you’re on your way. Remember, composition and lighting is more important than whether it’s a professional quality photograph. Often, as shown here, Phil uses several photos to compose the one painting. You can start by emailing us a picture or two for evaluation. It costs nothing and you’ll get an honest appraisal of whether it has the qualities to create a good painting.

Next, we’ll show you a pencil rough and quote a price, framed or un-framed, plus shipping costs. If you decide to proceed, your original artwork will be painted in oils on canvas by professional artist Phil Kininmonth. Finally we’ll email you a photo of the finished work and you can then decide whether you want to buy it. So there’s no obligation to purchase until you’ve seen the finished work.
Contact The Mountain Stream Co about a commission.

'Obstacle' close-up 'Cathedral Range' close-up 'Flow' close-up